Platform: Fighting for the U.S. Constitution,

and for Traditional Conservative Values

Elect President Trump: Julie McIntosh is fed up with the mess in D.C. and fully supports the election of Donald Trump to Make America Great Again!

Secure the Border: Julie McIntosh will fight illegal immigration and secure the nation’s borders. She supports measures to strengthen border security, enforce immigration laws, and protect American jobs and communities.

Stop Liberal Indoctrination of Our Children: Julie McIntosh rejects radical ideologies like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and gender fluidity. She opposes any attempts by the left to indoctrinate our children in classrooms and supports curricula that promote the principles of the American founding. While most educators are outstanding and seek to teach accurate historical events, the few who seek to indoctrinate children leave a stain on all. This liberal indoctrination has no place in Oklahoma public schools.

Fight Biden’s Inflation
: Julie McIntosh will fight back against Biden’s inflation and revitalize the economy for hardworking Oklahomans. She supports policies that promote job growth, small businesses and investment in key industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and technology. Julie believes in fiscal responsibility and opposes reckless government spending that contributes to inflationary pressures.

Protect Second Amendment Rights: Julie McIntosh is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. She believes in upholding the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, recognizing it as a fundamental safeguard against government overreach and a vital tool for our self-defense.

Promote Pro-Life Values: As a passionate advocate for life, Julie McIntosh is unequivocally pro-life, believing in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. She will fight to protect the unborn and provide for alternatives to abortion, such as adoption and support for expectant mothers.

Preserve Traditional Family Values: Julie McIntosh believes in our traditional family values. She supports policies that strengthen marriages, promote parental involvement in education and protect the family unit as the foundation of society.

Defend Religious Liberty: Julie McIntosh will defend our constitutional right to religious freedom. She opposes any attempts to infringe upon individuals’ rights to freely exercise their religious beliefs and will protect religious institutions from government interference.

Fight for Lower Taxes: Julie McIntosh will fight to lower taxes, reduce government spending and cut unnecessary regulations. She believes in fiscal responsibility and will fight to promote economic growth, job creation and investment in local communities.

Support Law & Order: Julie McIntosh supports law enforcement and prioritizes public safety. She believes in upholding the rule of law, supporting our men and women in uniform, and ensuring justice for victims of crime.

Promote School Choice: Julie McIntosh believes in empowering parents with choices in their children’s education. She supports school choice initiatives that place the ultimate decision regarding education into parents’ hands. Options should include public school, charter schools, private schools, homeschooling and tax credits which allow parents to choose the best education for their children.

Advance Healthcare Freedom: Julie McIntosh stands for healthcare policies that protect patient choice and individual autonomy, including freedom from vaccine mandates. She’ll fight to increase healthcare access, reduce costs and protect the doctor-patient relationship from government intrusion.

Combat Voter Fraud: Julie McIntosh is committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections and combating voter fraud. She supports measures such as voter ID requirements and efforts to strengthen election security to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process.

Preserve American Energy Independence: Julie McIntosh stands for American energy independence and security. She will fight for energy development, including the exploration and production of domestic resources to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources.

Protect Property Rights: Julie McIntosh believes property rights are a cornerstone of individual liberty. She opposes government overreach and supports policies that safeguard private property rights and promote economic freedom.

Honor Our Veterans: Julie McIntosh is committed to honoring and supporting our veterans. She believes in improving access to quality healthcare, benefits and support services for those who have served our great nation.

Stop Illegal Marijuana Grows: Julie McIntosh opposes illegal marijuana cultivation, which poses risks to public safety and undermines our communities. She’ll fight to stop Chinese ownership of our land, crack down on illicit drug operations and protect us from crime.

Protect Girls’ Sports: Julie McIntosh will stand for the integrity of fair competition in sports. She opposes allowing biological males to compete in girls’ sports, as it undermines the integrity of women’s athletics and denies female athletes the opportunity for fair competition.

Block Gender Transition Surgeries for Minors: Julie McIntosh opposes gender reassignment surgeries for minors. She believes children are too young to make life-altering medical decisions.

Invest in Classroom Learning: Julie McIntosh supports investing in classroom learning to provide our students with the resources and support they need to succeed. She believes teacher training, teacher pay and classroom improvements are critical areas where resources should be used to enhance the quality of education for all students.

Defend Judeo-Christian Values: Julie believes humanists seek to take God out of government and insert their own values. Conservatives must stop the left who wrongly uses separation of church and state to remove Biblical values from our nation. Conservatives have every right to argue for the Judeo-Christian values on which our Nation was founded. The founders sought to prohibit a state-sanctioned religion, not to separate God or the principles of Judeo-Christian beliefs from our government.